Capturing the moment in movement




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"The photos of our wedding are truly a reflection of how we felt on the day. The moments have really been captured, it feels more like watching a film of the day. We had asked for a relaxed approach to the photos and we have a lovely, vibrant archive of our friends and family in a really personal way. Thank you very much! "
- Bride, London wedding

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Social events

The Arts

"Vero! I am impressed by how much beauty and emotion you have managed to capture. What a gift you have given us. "
- Dance artist

Natural family portraits

Pregnancy shoots

Pet portraits

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"Vero didn't rush our shoot; she took time to build a playful rapport with our daughter which helped me feel more relaxed too.

I love her subtle way of capturing natural moments and unforced smiles. I hardly noticed she was clicking away."
- Mother, writer and podcaster

For bookings or more information:

I can provide a package to suit you.

Send me details of your event, date(s), budget and any other requirements.

My approach

My images tell a story, capturing oftentimes unseen or overlooked fleeting moments. I love to be immersed in events,

spaces and peoples' lives, navigating unpredictable instances and recreating the magic through my photography. 

A great picture has the power to arouse the senses and transport a person to a place, or a moment,

even when they have never been there.

My story

Following a dance injury in 2011 and not able to physically train, I treated myself to my first professional camera (DSLR) 

in order to continue engaging with the Arts. I specialise in movement photography, love working with families and have 

photographed weddings in the UK, France, Brazil and Senegal. As a discreet photographer, I am aware and sensitive

of my surroundings and each unique booking and event, capturing genuine and authentic moments and memories.