Dance Connections 

Afro-Latin Fusion

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A creative class exploring the links between West African and Brazilian music and movement, inspired by, and respecting the traditions and teachers of these cultural art practices.

Universal human expression and story-telling are at the heart, developing a connection to self, other people and the environment.


Soul to Sole Sessions

Dance-Inspired Fitness for Non-Dancers

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These classes guarantee a dynamic and energising full-body workout to a selection of feel-good global grooves.


Private sessions available in person or online

Looking to start your dance journey or wanting to refine your technique, understanding and build confidence?

Get in touch with me for a free consultation. We can work together to design a dance training tailored to your needs.


"Vero is an absolute natural teacher. She brings her warm and engaging personality to each class. She is also brilliant at telling stories through song, a quote or the histories of rhythms and movement. She takes great care in what she is teaching."
- Dance Connections student

My story

I was born into a family of mixed heritage and enjoyed long summers as a child in Brazil, dancing with cousins, aunties and uncles and performing at our family BBQs with my cousin. I trained Ballet and Latin and Ballroom dance as a child and although I enjoyed learning the techniques, they didn't quite capture my heart. Fast forward a few years and I joined the Capoeira society at university which opened me up to the world of movement and music I'd been longing for.


I started training Afro-Brazilian dance in 2005 and West African dance in 2009. I regularly travel to Brazil and Senegal

to deepen my knowledge, skills and connection to these cultural art forms in the context of the land and the people.

Some of my most inspiring teachers include; Diene Sagna, Irineu Nogueira, Rosangela Silvestre, Vera Passos,
Aboubacar Sagna Niang, Vania Oliveira, Mariana Pinho, Anderson Nogueira, Alysson Bruno, Nildinha Fonseca,
Pedro Consorte, Mestre Papa Leguas and Mestre Jogo de Dentro, amongst others.

"Vero is a truly wonderful teacher and space holder. I love her classes so much - she always brings such beautiful energy,

creativity and fun to the space, caters to all abilities with such ease and really makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable."
- Dance Connections and Soul to Sole student

Did you know?

Most experts agree that 70-93% of our communication is non-verbal.

This includes body movement and posture, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, touch, space and voice.

Having self-awareness and being comfortable in your own skin is crucial for developing relationships, confidence,

forming healthy habits and success. 

A number of scientific studies have shown that dance increases memory by developing neural connections in the

executive function of the brain. Dance helps with mental health conditions such as dementia and Parkinson's disease, 

as well as reducing stress and boosting levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin.